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REA - hearing development method

Author of method is Oliver Oliver.

REA – is the new answer to the problem of the conscious listening to music, according to the European tradition based on the tuning sound system. It is a result of 25 years of research on the phenomenon of hearing in the context of music, examined among different students of all ages and tested in different conditions of work.

REA – connects two main intonation aspects of conscious listening to music – these are recognition of absolute pitches and their tonal functions. Both processes are exercised separately at the beginning and are later fused and synchronized together in the context of rhythmical course. Each musical entity (tone, accord and tonality) acquires its identity inside the whole tone system (relatively and absolute - REA) simultaneously realized as a foundation, the basic tonality and its graphic representation in the note stave. This involves rhythm and meter, so that the hearing impression invokes visual associations, and the graphic presentation of the note provokes auditive response. REA sharpens the hearing and develops the speed of reaction, which at the end enables conscious and continuous following of music content in real time.

REA - establishes relative and absolute intonative fixation of tones/chords and different tonalities by formulas (short sung and easy remembered melodies). The formulas consist of short models which elaborate a particular tone/accord. Formulas/models are assigned for a specific musical problematic, so Relative formulas establish the major, minor, minor-major, and whole tone scales, modalities, and all the notes in relation to tonic, and several tonics of relative tonalities. Absolute formulas establish the absolute pitches, intervals, chords and tonalities functionally linked to absolute system tonic (chamber tone A1). Rea method starts immediately with all relevant processes in developing musical hearing (monophony, polyphony relative and absolute) and notation, so that learning material responds to students capacity. All these processes start from the sound practice, and not from theoretical explanations.

REA – method is suitable for all of students, of all ages and educational degree. It is simple, quick and effective to convert to it from any previous methods of learning. For example, for learning the major formula, it takes only one school lesson. Is there anything more natural than relative and absolute musical hearing, which makes the musical language as understandable as native language?

Rea method exercise

"Rea method exercise" application consists of formulas that interactively elaborate specific musical phenomena concerning:

1. Relative intonation (major, minor and chords)
- numeric (major and minor tonality in octave and fifth positions)
- notational (all major and minor tonalities in octave and fifth positions, extended formulas, major and minor triads and inversions)

2. Absolute intonation
- monophony
- intervals
- chords (triads and inversions, seventh chords and inversions)

All Rea method formulas are in interactive form for learning and testing the learnt skills. Before every lesson there is an instruction.

1. Rea method exercise for mobile phones

Rea method exercise

 Android devices

 iPhone devices

 J2ME supported devices (Java Micro Edition)

The application can be installed to the mobile phone through WAP on:

2. Rea method exercise for PC (Windows)

REA Method exercise

Author of method: Oliver Oliver
Programmed by: David Vuco

REA interactive games - Ear Training

1. Etrea Box - for mobile phone

REA Ear Training
In ''EtRea Box Game'' application the learned skills from ''Rea method exercise'' are tested and exercised through playing.

Falling object triggers the sound (model, tone, interval, chord) depending on chosen option. The sound has to be recognized and selected on the bottom of the display. Objects have to be piled in horizontal lines, and after forming eight of them, you pass to the next level.

The application is for mobile phone devices which support Java (J2ME).

The application can be installed to the mobile phone through WAP on:

2. Etrea Box - for PC (Windows)

Etrea Box

3. Etrea Soccer for PC (Windows)

Etrea Soccer

Author of method: Oliver Oliver
Programmed by: David Vuco


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